Research supervision and examinations

Mentoring and overseeing students as they work towards academic goals allows me to share my knowledge and experiences. I often gain as much as I give.



Wilson, N., (2015 - primary supervisor) Point of convergence: Mark-making the internal dialogue of contemporary Australian art. MA. Arthist.

Borthwick, F., (2015 - primary supervisor) Global Feminisms? 6 artists from 3 Countries: Australia, China and Turkey. MA. Arthist.

Tesorio, L., (2015) Australia, Asia relations and Asian Art. MA Curatorial & Museum Studies Short Thesis.

Cianfaglione, V., (2015) Structuring Engagement: the building of the Art Gallery of South Australia. MA Curatorial & Museum Studies Short Thesis.

Jug, A., (2015) Moving Forward: How Can House Museums Better Engage With Modern Audiences and Attract Return Visitors? MA Curatorial & Museum Studies Short Thesis.

Kanas, J., (2015) Keeping Up Appearances: The South Australian Migration Museum in the 21st Century. MA Curatorial & Museum Studies Short Thesis.


Kendrick, C., (2015) Changing Tides: The Role of the South Australian Maritime Museum in Contemporary Society. MA Curatorial & Museum Studies Short Thesis.

Wong, Serena (2012 – primary supervisor - results of over 80%) Reframing Place Creation in the Australian Landscape.

Hale,T., (2012 – primary supervisor - results of over 80%) I’m not racist but...‘Urban Indigenous Art’ as an instrument for social change - Confronting Australian Anxieties.

Goodhind, A., (2012 – primary supervisor - results of over 80%) Patriots of Hearth and Home: The return of the Crimean soldier, as depicted within mid-nineteenth century British narrative painting.


Moskwa, K, (2006 - primary supervisor), Subverting the domestic: constructing the new female uncanny in contemporary art.

Kalionis, J, (2005 - co- supervisor), The resurgent body: a reaction to politics or digital disembodiment? An investigation of Mike Parr's work since 2000.

Hewitt, K, (2005 - co- supervisor) Colin Coulihan; unveiling an Australian modernist painter. 

Finch, K, '(2005 - co- supervisor) Schulim Krimper: modern furniture designer.

Higher Research Degree Examination


Bawden, G., (2015), Comfort and judgement: Australian advice manuals and the scripting of nineteenth-century interior dwelling, PhD. Monash University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

Taylor, A., (2014), Enigma, Anxiety and Artifice: Interrogating feminine identity in contemporary photographic and filmic Portraiture, MA. University of Adelaide.

Farchione, M., (2014), Australian Women Artists in Key Exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria, MA. University of Adelaide.

Campbell, L., (2013), Queensland Art Gallery acquisitions from the Asia Pacific Triennials: Bringing Art and people together, MA. University of Adelaide.

Mustillo, L., (2013), Site and Sculpture: placement and meaning-making MA. University of Adelaide


Clark, G., (2012), Elwyn Lynn’s art writing and art practice 1955-1964. MA. University of Adelaide.

Whatling, A., (2012), Graffiti: History, Philosophy, Subculture and Art. MA. University of Adelaide.

Elana K. Freak., (2011), Perceptual Experience & Gallery Space: Curating New Media Art Beyond the White Cube. MA. University of Adelaide.

Northcott, S., (2011), Institutional Responses to Post Object Art in Australia 1974-1979: The Experimental Art Foundation, and ‘Link’ Exhibitions at the Art Gallery of South Australia. MA. University of Adelaide.

Pakniyat, S., (2011), the Moral Meaning of Mirrors in Representations of Renaissance Women. MA. University of Adelaide.

Wildy, J., (2011), Shades of Green: Changes in the Paradigm of Environmental Art since the 1960s’. MA. University of Adelaide

Spryt, T., (2011) From the Camera to the Canvas: the influence of photography on late twentieth century painting, MA. University of Adelaide.


Donaldson, C., (2006), Deep and defiant: Dusan and Voitre Marek; two European émigré artists in postwar South Australia, MA. University of Adelaide.

Farran, S., (2006), A parallel interrogation of culture: art forgeries in the age of authorial demise' MA. University of Adelaide.

Strezlecki, G., (2006), Kathleen Sauerbier: a catalogue raisonné, MA. University of Adelaide.

Curtin, T., (2005) Contemporary German photography and American realism: is colour the only link? MA. University of Adelaide.