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'Why' isn't a bad word, unless you can't find the answer. I’m a uni tutor with nearly twenty years experience.

I specialise in creative arts and humanities, including history, English, philosophy, and political science.

You are a student at uni, TAFE, or adult year 12. My priorities are teaching you how to research,   supporting you through the learning process and sharing skills to retain what is learnt.

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The academic

The mind of the academic is ever enquiring. Here, I document my visual arts academic career and accomplishments.  I lead you to my published works and invite you to collaborate with me.

My career highlights:

  • published books
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Phd) - art history
  • Visiting research fellow - University of Adelaide
  • student mentoring



Home Alone: Solitary Pleasures looks at contemporary social and cultural meanings of home. It features emerging artists that diverge from the common vocabulary of  'homescape' and offers darker, funnier and poignant critiques of the spaces that exist in Australia this century.  

Join us among the teabags, tufty wool and felt. And share this  unsettling and alternate image of domestic interiors.

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