My students say...

"Georgy, we value your knowledge." But their results say more they benefit from my teaching and sharing skills within the academic environment. Here's what else they say.

I received the prize for my essay from Modern Art - I was so thrilled!  I wished you were there so I could have thank you for your support and a great semester.
Fiona S

Thank-you again for all your amazing input and your belief in this dissertation. You got where I was trying to go straight away which was invaluable… You have been truly wonderful. I would really just like to thank you again. You really did go above and beyond reading draft after draft. Thank you for all your patience and help.

I just wanted to say thanks for encouraging and supporting me to change essay topic, even though many thought it was a bad idea.  I was so excited to receive it back in the mail this week and saw you gave me a HD!  I am really glad I stuck with it as the topic was really interesting… Again, thanks, I really enjoyed the Modern Art tutorials with you. 

I have really enjoyed this unit. Australian indigenous art is so vibrant, mercurial and dramatic in all its aspects - so refreshing, even though it presents many disturbing aspects. but then again, so does much of contemporary art. Thank you also for the management of the unit with your encouragement and understanding, especially the tutorials. The online tutorials took time for me to get used to, preferring, as I do working face to face. The course materials were excellent. I also thought the level of understanding of the course participants was of a high and I enjoyed our weekly discourse.